Ledový borůvkový sen

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Ledový borůvkový sen
Blueberry Ice Dream
Serves 2-3 / 2-3 porce
6 frozen bananas (slice and freeze for at least 12 hours) / 6 mražených banánů (oloupané banány necháme zmrazit nejméně 12 hodin)
1 cup frozen blueberries / 1 šálek mražených borůvek
Small pinch of salt / špetka soli
½ teaspoon vanilla powder / 1/2 lžičky vanilky
Allow the bananas to stand at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to soften slightly. Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor to make a soft and smooth 'ice cream'. This may take a couple of minutes, and you will need to stop it a couple of times to scrape down the sides. Serve immediately.
/ Mražené banány necháme 5-10 minut lehce rozmrazit a spolu s ostatními surovinami rozmixujeme dohladka.

Enjoy this delicious frozen desserts as it is or top with goodies such as:
Zmrzlinu si vychutnejte samotnou nebo na ozdobu použijte např.:
• Raisins or goji berries / rozinky nebo goji berries
• Chopped nuts (raw, not roasted) / sekané ořechy
• Dried coconut / strouhaný kokos
• Sliced fresh peaches or berries / broskve, jahody, maliny, borůvky...
• Raw cacao nibs / kakaové boby
• Agave or maple syrup / agávový nebo javorový sirup
• Melted dairy-free chocolate. Drizzle this on your ice cream. It sets and goes all crispy. / nebo pokapeme roztavenou hořkou čokoládou ...

(foto+recept: miss-best )

So, to celebrate the arrival of life here in Sweden, I would love to share with you a yummy, cooling recipe from my e-book 'Loving Life-Loving Desserts'. In fact this is the dessert that made it to the front cover of my e-book!
This frozen dessert is one of six super quick, easy and yummy 'Ice Dreams' that I have included in my book. No ice-cream machine needed! If you have a freezer and a food processor you are all set. Pre-freeze the bananas over night or so and when the urge calls throw everything into the food processor and you have a gorgeous dessert in about 5 minutes (including washing up!). Now how cool is that? (ha ha!) And if that wasn't enough, this dessert is fat-free, and also free from added sugar, dairy, nuts and soya! You can perhaps see why I eat this dessert all the time! :)
Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!
Loving Life-Loving Desserts e-book

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